Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Month In Review and of Things to Come

I liked this month. October helped remind me of all the good things that can happen in thirty-one days. The top of the list would be my announcement that I'm done with all things concerning my graduate school application. You wouldn't believe what a weight off my shoulders that is. All that is left to be done is: harness those who promised to write letters of recommendation and recover the obscene amount of money lost in applying for school and having transcripts sent here and there.

I finished up all my loose reading ends from last month which has given me a nice feeling of completion and most all of my comments regarding Edward Whittemore's Jerusalem Quartet are ready to go. Not gonna set anything aside to read for November as I'm feeling indecisive, but it's nice to not be reading a series. No matter how good an author setting or setup, series grow tiring to me at some point.

There's an interesting bit I'd like to share with the internet about literary criticism. Some odd feeling of professionalism that I don't owe the particular institution in questions is staying my hand from saying what's on my mind. We'll see if I can manage to hold out.

Hoping that I'll be successful in convincing at least one school into admitting me, I'm thirty-one days closer to not working my two crappy jobs than I was last month., and that is a very good thing.

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