About Me and My Blog

Welcome to my blog.  Here I discuss rum I've recently consumed, and books.  (Alas, the 'red shells' i.e. video games, have lost their place in my life.)

My interest in books is wide ranging and I am not particular about genre.  I go through about fifty books a year with only a small number of those being recent releases.  I tend to focus on books that I found excellent that may not have gotten the big publisher push or Oprah's acknowledgement.  In short, when it comes to books, I won't be discussing whatever ARC the rest of the internet received and is currently hyping up to the next bestseller.  As such, I tend to be behind the current publishing trends by more than a few years; seeking out great works that are remembered after their initial publication buzz.  

Please feel free to leave comments, questions, or contact me by email.

Thanks for stopping by.