Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Month in Review

Oh yeah… This thing… Better all-kinds-a late than never or something…

So, work is trying to run me into the ground and has been somewhat successful.  This is the first time I've had a chance to blog in about two weeks.  I've tried before but I literally couldn't keep my eyes open long enough.  I started this post yesterday but was interrupted by my nephew urgently needing to explain the history of Spiderman as understood by a three year old.  

So January was exhausting for a host of reasons.  I usually get a lot of reading done when I feel overwhelmed with other things.  When overwhelmed I don't have as much free time; I usually apply the time I have to reading.  That has still held true for me.  I did a TON of read in January, however most of it didn't come by way of published books.

I read seven novels for people in my writers' group.  I offered substantial feed back for two of them.  This was fun in a way, yet very very time consuming.  Only two of those books were really really good, and I hope that in short time they will be available for all to read, the rest needed a bit more work, but I still enjoyed the process and effort in my attempt to help.  If nothing else, I damn well best be on Santa's "Good" list come December.

In terms of published books, I finished some stuff from last year; read a handful of poems from a handful of collections; and knocked out the majority of The Name of the Rose.  Much to say on that book soon…

So yeah… not much to report.  A lot of reading that I can't really count towards my year-end book tally but I'm okay with that.

An aside: Atlanta doesn't do snow very well.  

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