Monday, February 25, 2013

The Year's First Purchase

Its been a little more than two months since I bought a book.  I hardly believe it myself.  I've been reading books I own and abusing the library as of late, but I finally broke the book buying seal.

I'm really looking forward to Out of Reach by Carrie Arcos and hoping that the cover makes sense after I read it.  I'm also not a big fan of the giant National Book Award Finalist sticker but whatever...  I may not have picked it up until after the award but do I get any street cred for saying, "I totally heard about this book way before the National Book Award."

I've no clue what Code Name Verity is about.  I think I did at some point but I've since forgotten.  This is another book like The Fault in Our Stars that everyone seemed to be raving about at the end of last year so I couldn't ignore it.  Here's to hoping it's just as good as the previously mentioned book.  I'll be starting this tonight.

Finally I'm very pleased with myself for sticking to my word and buying something by Nina Kiriki Hoffman.  Permeable Borders is a short story collection from an author that I've never known not to deliver.  It will be awesome.  Expect a lot of commentary on Hoffman this year.  

I'm reading a lot more stuff written by women as of late.  Nothing wrong with that; just something I noticed.

I picked up Sweethearts by Sara Zarr at the library yesterday because it was literally on the return counter when I walked through and Zarr is responsible for the best book I read last year: Once was Lost.  Upon picking this book up a librarian asked if I'd seen the new cover or heard of the new title for Once was Lost, to which I was very confused.  The publisher apparently gave a make over to a four year old book: new cover and new title What We Lost.  I like the cover better the changes are strike me as all kinds a strange.  Either way, go read that book.    

Oh, and if I'm not too lazy I'll put up commentary for Inkheart later tonight.  Spoiler: it was awesome.  And by awesome I'm amazing.      

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