Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Month in Review and of Things to Come

Not a whole lot of reading going on in January or at least not too much to show for my efforts.  I finished two books: The Prestige and The Fault in Our Stars both of which I'll recommend to anyone.  I've reached the half-way point in two other books Firebirds Rising and Sailing to Sarantium.  The former hasn't proven to be very special and the latter is excellent only extremely leisurely (as is my experience with many of Kay's works.)  I do look forward to finishing them both in February.

I started and finished Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare a few days ago and I'll probably have thoughts up on that later today.  (I'm now a hopeless fanboy of this series; help.)  It was an odd book but excellent.  Actually the more I think on how odd it was and how successful it was the more I think it may take me longer to get my thoughts together.  Needless to say I'm all kinds of excited for the third book in this series to come out next month.

While struggling to find something to stick with to my immediate liking I've raided my library many times this past month.  I'm going to continue with A Series of Unfortunate Events as it has continually proven to be awesome commuter prose for my trips into town on the train.  In terms of upcoming reviews expect to see comments for Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why and Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.  I'm also hoping against hope that the queue for Bitterblue by Christine Cashore moves quickly and that I'll be out of the thirties sooner than latter.

I was hot for a minute in January; actually it was around eighty degrees for a week and that was awesome.  Then the storms came and everyone wanted it to be cold again as we remembered how overrated tornados are.  Now it's cold to def and I think I'm getting sick and I'm not too excited about it.        

Randomly, I think I'm getting into poetry and I am excited about that.

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