Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Because it's Awesome."

Can't make this up.

I'm at the library returning stuff and as I leave I see this kid outside on a bench reading; a boy around eight years old.  He's small (by eight year old standards) Caucasian and flimsy.  He sneezed hard enough to shake the dirt at his feet and I caught his eye just by chance.  It wasn't exactly a stare down but after a moment I spoke.  I'm six-four, black and adultish looking and if I'm not careful, really intimidating looking to adults let alone children.  

"What cha reading?"

There was no hesitation in his answer.  If anything he was impertinent talking back to me.  "Lemony Snicket.  Because it's awesome."

Strongest book endorsement from the most peculiar source I've ever experienced.  I turned around and went back in to get a copy of book one in A Series of Unfortunate Events.   


Why do you think?

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