Sunday, September 2, 2012

2012 Reading Just Got Interesting

Last year I had a goal to read a certain number of books published within the calendar year.  That was tough for me but I managed.  This year there was no such goal but I've recently gotten excited about some books coming out this year. 

Greg Allman's autobiography My Cross to Bear came out in May and while I'm curious for many reasons I mainly want to read it (and I think most who will read the book would agree) for insight on his brother.  Greg is great and I love The Allman Brother's Band, but Duane is a deity to guitar playing aficionados and rock music lovers in general.  I'm sure much of this book will be the same cocaine fuel memories of many of Allman's contemporaries but it seems a rather harmless library pick up. 

I'm hoping Catherynne Valente's third book in the Dirge for Prester John series will be out this winter as I loved Habitation of the Blessed and The Folded World.

Circus: Fantasy under the Big Top came out of nowhere but is now on my wish list.  I love what the title implies, I love the author list, and I love that it's not five-hundred pages--which is a capricious and random number that editors try to fill whenever releasing an anthology.  I have my fingers crossed for good things and I'm hoping that it isn't merely filled with cliched--and lame--scary clown stories.  For that last reason I'll be checking out a few reviews before looking into this. 

Finally Michael Chabon has a book coming out in a few days.  The publisher's blurbs are just plain funny these day's; while telling you virtually nothing about the book they assure the reader that the book is in fact the greatest thing committed to paper.

So my anticipated total for books read in 2012 that were published in 2012 is a big 'ole four.  Down from last year's ten, but I'm okay with that. 


Marion said...

Telegraph Avenue?? I just read on Terry's blog that it got a disappointed review. I don't know if I care --I'll read practically anything by Chabon.

Chad Hull said...

You and me both.