Saturday, October 15, 2011

Racism, and Marlow's Tavern

I already don't like this post...

I'd happily forgotten my first encounter with racism but tonight brought it back to the forefront of mind with a veracity I didn't know possible.  (Regular readers of my blog--both of you--forgive me.  I know I don't do personal stuff, ever, but I have too.)

So as I'm washing my hand at Marlow's Tavern in Duluth I see this picture:

It's not subtle.  There isn't much to read into it.  I took this picture with my camera phone.  Here's the artist pic from his website.  Perhaps I'm missing something.  I tipped my deserving bartender more than 125 percent and left...

I'm sure I'm being oversensitive.  I'm sure this is funny to someone, I'm sure; wait... never mind... I could never excuse this picture.  It's only 5,000+ miles and a mere 150 years of insensitivity thrown in my face as I pay you for my dinner.

Yeah, I won't be going back to Marlow's again.  To say nothing for the artist.

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Marion said...

The cartoon is not funny, and you are not being oversensitive.