Monday, October 31, 2011

The Month in Review and of Things to Come

October 2011 is proof that I need to stay busy if I plan to get anything done.  Too much free time leads to procrastinating, and infinite, "I'll do it tomorrows."  Not good.  

I worked the Taste of Atlanta festival which was fun for many reasons; least of which was having 'lunch' with a handful of free tasting coupons for two straight days.  I found a few new restaurants that need to be checked out more thoroughly and although I didn't get into the VIP section where there was unlimited hooch I heard some rave reviews of a couple of new-to-me bars.  If only all of my work experience were this rewarding...

I did a lot of book shopping this month; which is always fun.  In doing so I've learned that my compulsive book buying is out of control: I bought a copy of Love in a Time of Cholera only to get home and see that I already own one...  It doesn't concern me as I can trade it in next I'm at a bookstore but that was proof and me admitting my problem.  It's okay; I have worse hobbies than buying books.

I finished a lingering behemoth this month: Kushiel's Dart.  I've gotten more comments for that book than any other post on my blog; you'll notice I haven't published one.  (Thanks again Maria.)  There needs to be a little bit more substance than just poorly expressed hate for my feelings and abject cruelty towards my ethnicity for me to publish certain comments.  Perhaps, not printing those comments hurts my credibility, but oh well...  My blog isn't as popular in the book world as say, The Millions, but I've learned that is you want to attract people to your book blog, not necessarily fans--just people, pick a handful of beloved best sellers of multiple genres for the first books you want to review and hate on them.  You will get hits.

My blog did cross the 10,000 page views mark this month.  I don't think that means anything but I'm using it as an excuse to pour myself a drink.  Oh, and Easton Press and all publishers featured in my Book Review series own me a monetary kickback.  You're Welcome; now pay me. 

I feel absolutely certain that I read more than just The Hunger Games, Trader, and finished Kushiel's Dart this month, but despite my reading log, checking my book shelves and library check out recent activity, and sifting through my blog post for the month I can't turn up evidence that proves I read anything else.  I am however, within a hundred pages of finish line in The Tiger's Wife.  I'll have my thoughts up on that later and share some super awesome new news when I do.

I always liked putting my reading goals 'in writing' as it were on my blog in these end of the month post, but as of late I've been so terrible at achieving those goals that I think I'll forgo the opportunity this time around.    

Oh yeah, and I have to say Maria wins the newly established "Quote of Month" award for, "Everyone in the book seems to be in the middle of an existential crisis."  Which she used in her review of a Charles de Lint novel.  It still makes me laugh and I've adapted it in reference for a group of people I work with. 


even pretty girls need to read said...

I told myself I would read 100 books this year. It is November. I'm at 66. It is not happening.

I'm trying to think about what would be better than writing goals we don't achieve...

Chad Hull said...

The hundred plus crowd leaves me in awe. I don't see me self getting out of the 50-60 range though I'm not sure that will be happening this year.

I used to be really good at hitting my reading goals. But as of late, I've been not even close.