Friday, September 30, 2011

The Month in Review and of Things to Come

This month flew by; I don't say that often.  Lots of things falling apart and breaking down in my life and that combined with some crazy work hours left me with not a lot of reading time and not much read.  Worse still, much of what I tried to read wasn't of interest to me and I ended up not finishing.

I did read Wings of Fire Edited by Jonathan Strahan and Marianne S Jablon.  I'll have a 'not a commentary' on that whenever I have strength and energy.  It helped to highlight my changing reading preferences in fantasy and solidified my suspicion that I need to check out more science fiction.  Currently, I'm about half way through Trader by Charles de Lint.  Reading a book by de Lint was a New Year's resolution and I'm glad I finally got around to it.  I'll be looking into much more of his works.

My only reading goals for October will be to finish Trader and Kushiel's Dart, which I didn't touch this month.  I'm hoping that if I keep my goals super low there may actually be a chance of me achieving them.    

I bought three books this month, all of which I've very excited about.  The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters is ghost story-ish, Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson will most likely decide a lot of my future fantasy reading habits, and This is where I leave you by Jonathan Tropper.  I can't remember where I first heard Tropper was awesome, but a lot of people say so and the first few pages were great.  Waters was one of those books I heard so much about upon release that seeing it in the bargain bin was too hard to resist.  I'm hoping to love Warbreaker so I can say I'm not done with the kinda a fiction that initially made me fall in love with reading, but I have my doubts.  Time will tell.  

I could do a lot of complaining about various things here, but I'm honestly too tired.  And no one wants to read that kinda thing anyways...  I'll try to be more interesting next month.


even pretty girls need to read said...

I want to hear how you like The Little Stranger! I won't taint you with my thoughts beforehand...

Chad Hull said...

That usage of 'taint' has to mean something... I'm excited for that one, but perhaps I shouldn't be.

even pretty girls need to read said...

I think my love of Shirley Jackson makes me biased. That being said, Little Stranger has an unreliable narrator which I love. Apparently I can't decide how I feel about Little Stranger!