Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Rarity

I don't usually walk into a bookstore and leave having purchased nothing; let alone a bookstore that is having a going out of business sale.  There's a Borders that is going under in Buckhead--one of the most expensive retail areas in Atlanta.  The last day of business is still a ways off and today they were only offering 30% off everything which basically put them right in line with internet retailers.

I just couldn't bring myself to buy anything; isn't that terrible?  I want to feast on the lees on the last day of the stores existence when all books are one dollar.  With this in mind I was awfully tempted to 'misplace' some jewels in hopes that they would still be there when I go back.  Brick-and-mortar book selling is hard, and I guess I'm not helping, but 30% didn't make an impression on me for a new book, especially since I buy most of mine used at substantially less.    

I was encouraged (for selfish reasons) to see that next to no one was in the 'literature section' as the non-fiction trend seems to still be in control of sales.  Here to hoping there is something left for me when I go back in a few weeks.

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Marion said...

I don't think you should feel conflicted. I don't have any great sympathy for Borders, and they haven't reduced the prices enough yet to be worth your while.

You are obviously a staunch supporter and champion of your local used and independent bookstores, and that's what counts.