Monday, November 2, 2015

I'm still here

I've been reading a lot lately.  I've even written a few commentaries only I haven't posted them.  I'm lurking around my own blog and the internet in general.  It's really strange but as I reflect a bit on my internet absence I fully see that it's the start of the college basketball season that is bringing me back.  (Must have something to do with UNC's preseason ranking.) 

I'm not yet back to full strength but expect a lot of content to be put up in the following months.  

Apropos of nothing, does Roger Zelazny get the recognition he deserve?  Lord of Light was amazing.  Easily one of the most contemporary books I've ever read and it was written in 1967.  It made me think a lot and take an active part in reading.  It was far more fiction and story than science; and best of all it never once made me think, 'What happens next?' as I was only all too happy to enjoy being exactly where I was.  

For my last random note for this post; I meet Catherynne Valente this past Thursday.  She is awesome--but that's old news.  She was reading from her new book Radiance (which seems to have a lot going on).  I was there to be a bad person and pester her about book three of A Dirge for Prester John, which is important to my life's existence.  I kinda got the feeling this book is done and now it just needs a publisher.  Nightshade doesn't want it (Boo!) and, understandably, other publishers aren't too excited about printing book three in a series that they didn't print books one and two.  I was told to expect a kickstarter by the end of the year: and you'd best believe I'll be supporting that even more than I did exploding kittens.

So yeah; I'm still here.    

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Marion said...

I'm waiting for that kickstarter. It is my sense too that the book is finished. It's so frustrating!

I eagerly await your reaction to Radiance -- I haven't read it yet.