Monday, December 30, 2013

The Month in Review and of Thing to Come

My least favorite time of year is over and that's a good thing.  Holidays aside, December was a rather dull month (and all the activity that the holiday did bring wasn't exactly positive nor exciting).  As you can tell from my blogging activity I haven't been reading a whole bunch.  It's an odd lull I'm in.  I know that I've never done well reading more than one book at a time, yet that is what I'm doing at the present.  Stranger still, I'm really enjoying them both books I'm currently reading: I just don't really feel like reading a bunch at the moment and I don't think forcing myself to do so will yield positive results either.

I received one book--as in one--for Christmas.  This fact throws into the sharpest of relief how poorly the people who claim to know me best know me.  So a great big ole thank you and internet hugs to Maria for Divergent by Veronica Roth.  I'm excited about this book for two reasons: I know nothing about it, and my sister is starting it soon so we can read it together.     

When I get back to How to Read Literature LIke a Professor I don't think I'll be any worse off for the time away, but I can admit I'm doing an injustice to How to Paint a Dead Man.  As I said before, both are very good and in the case of the latter by Sarah Hall I'll certainly be looking into more of her books, reading just ain't a priority right now.  

I saw the second part of The Hobbit and was bored to the point of near constipation.  I saw Ender's Game and was pleasantly surprised.  Movies are all well and good, but it's getting harder and harder for me to justify the money for the theatre experience.  

I had really good intentions last month with outlining my reading goals and expectations for this month but yeah… none of that happened.  No big surprise that I'll pass on making similar statements for January, but I am expecting to read a lot of science fiction in the near future.  That's both exciting and scary.  I'll hope for the best.    

The strangest and best news of the month came a from a friend who I convinced to read the Sinai Tapestry by Edward Whittemore.  She loves it and I knew she would, but she's not reading it, she's listening to it as an audio book!  A writer who has been twice out of print now not only has a third chance at deserved attention but a new generations treatment at that.  

I've said it before: read Wittemore.

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