Monday, July 1, 2013

The Month in Review

If I was on a reading hiatus in May, June has seen me suffer from a bit of reader's block.  I'm okay with that.  For whatever reasons reading has taken a bit of a back seat to others interest as of late.  That said, I have been reading...

Gormenghast is something like 13,859 pages and stylistically I knew what I was getting into before I started reading.  Even after having read Titus Groan and liking it Gormenghast doesn't feel like it's going anywhere but then again I'm only on page 733 so perhaps things will change.  Usually when I get stuck in a book that I'm not going to put down I'll read a short story collection so I can get a faster sense of completion.  I was surprised to notice that while my TBR shelf is substantially lighter than years past, I didn't have a short story collection there.  In lieu of what I wanted, I picked up Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar.  Here's hoping that Millar's blacklist is equally strong because I'd love to make him a new 'comfort food' writer.  My only real reading goal for July will be to finish these two behemoths.  

And now for the news and some social commentary which I don't usually do.  

"Where are the Snowden's of yesteryear?"  Did anyone else immediately think Joseph Heller when all this Snowden name dropping began?

"Rich, old, Caucasian women in Georgia uses N-word.  Nation in an uproar; State of Georgia surprised at the nations' surprise and generally couldn't care less."  I could go on for a bit with this one, but... there are so many better and more interesting things to do.  

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