Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Absurdity of my Anger

So I've moved.  It happens.  Not particularly happy about it but I'm over it.  New county; new library; so I need a new library card.  I stop in today at the local branch, which is part of the Atlanta-Fulton County system, which is phenomenal all things considered, only to be told that they are making-over their check out system and they can't issue any new library cards for at least a week.

"It will be at least a week.  Perhaps ten days.  Call before you come back."

"Okay.  So what can we do right now; as a temporary fix?" I ask with my stack of books on the counter between us.  She gives me a hopeless stare but can't hold my gaze.  I don't get angry and I don't act a fool (I was tempted).  I just left.  That was all I could do.

It's irrational that I should be angry in this situation only because of how many unread books I have (that was the first box unpacked in the new place).  But I don't own what I want to read right now.  

I'm a bit frustrated to say the least.  I don't know what I'll sit down and crack open in a few moments; I'm sure it will be good and I'll enjoy it (optimism is so foreign to me).  But I still want those books I had to leave at the library.


Unrelated to anything, did anyone else see the article in the Saturday/Sunday edition of the Wall Street Journal in the review section called 'My 6,128 Favorite Books' ?  Because that was awesome.

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Marion said...

Sounds like the Georgia library system has been hit by cutbacks. It's both brutal and sad. In my home town, the library is closed on Mondays. I'd say that volunteering might help the problem, but volunteers aren't going to free up enough skilled labor to clear out the library card backlog. Pretty heartbreaking, Chad.