Sunday, April 22, 2012


Killed some time today at two local mega chain bookstores.  I escaped with only one purchase: Acacia by David Anthony Durham.

I noticed that Barnes and Noble has been cutting back on their inventory.  I know its horrible to say but I actually like this particular Barnes and Noble.  The store certainly feels more open and roomier which is nice but isn't a bookstore supposed to be crammed full of books?

Finally, I saw for the first time the US cover of Patrick DeWitt's The Sisters Brothers.  I heard a lot about this book last year when it was winning every award under the sun, but I wasn't won over enough to give it a shot.  That cover has pushed me over the edge.  I see a lot of talk on genre sites about cover art, layout and design, but it's a topic that hardly ever comes up in 'literary' conversations.  I don't think the people that put work into cover design get enough credit, regardless of genre.  In DeWitt's case, the picture is cool but the font which kinda makes a border is was really grabs me.  Of course, I'll have to find a copy without that "Man Booker Prize" notice, but these things can be worked around.


David Anthony Durham said...

Chad, nicely done! Very glad to hear you left B&N with Acacia. I hope it doesn't disappoint.


Chad Hull said...

I don't expect it will.

Thanks for stopping by; I always feel a bit like a rock star when writers post on my blog.