Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I'm reading and not writing about

There are strong chances that August 2011 will go down as my best month in reading ever; and the month isn't even done yet.  That said, I've been having a hard time telling people why what I've been reading is so amazing.  I've tried and fail to write commentary for Great House by Nicole Krauss three times.  I've since given up; I'm determined that it will be easier to do upon re-reading.  Weeks after finishing Great House I am still learning new things.  It's tough making concise quasi-intelligent remarks about a book where so little happens, and no, I don't mean that in a bad way.  I will say, regardless of what the author may think (I'll ask her in November at a signing), I roll my eyes every time I see a review for the book that says, "It's about a desk..."  

With Krauss, my main problem in not being able to write a half-decent commentary was how much I enjoyed the book.  I wasn't ever, for a second, thinking of stopping to take notes.  Her truly spellbinding way with prose held me awe.  Bathroom breaks were planned before or after reading.  The phone was turned off, not merely put on silent.  I recall at least two skipped meals while reading Great House.  Horrible I know...

I also enjoyed The Magician King a great deal.  Unlike Great House, lack of commentary for Lev Grossman's latest can only be blamed on me being a lazy ass.  It happens... I will get around to it before his author event in town next week, or at least that is my goal.  As with The Magicians, I have a lot to say.

Call me by your name might just be the most beautiful thing committed to paper.  When I finish I'll have more to say on this gorgeous book by Andre Aciman.   For now, suffice it to say: Go.  Read.  It.  Now.

I've also yet to finish Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey.  I'm about a third of the way in thus far and more than anything else read this month, boy do I ever have some things to say about this one.  It's massive and books this size, 900+ pages, always present problems for me.

I may get to and through The Tiger's Wife as well which would probably be in lieu of plowing through more pages of Carey.  We'll see.

So fear not; I've fallen off the blogging horse but things in my most interesting life of reading are still happening.  More to come soon (-ish).  

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Maria said...

Looking forward to the commentary :) especially on Kushiel's Dart.