Sunday, July 31, 2011

The month in Review and of Things to Come

July has been a very good reading month.  I finished Dreamsongs Volume II by George R.R. Martin, How to read a poem and fall in love with poetry by Howard Hirsch, The Hammer by K.J. Parker and The Painter of Battles by Arturo Pérez-Reverte.  How's that list for diversity?  I've also started and hope to soon be finished with Nicole Krauss' Great House, expect me to mention this book a lot come the end of the year…  
Looking forward to August's reading I have a huge birthday gift from my interwebs best friend forever for life for right now in Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey.  It's massive and will be a nice challenge to get through by the time my pre-ordered copy of The Magician Kings by Lev Grossman arrives.  I used reward points to get a free copy of The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht.  Finishing Great House and the three others should keep me busy.  
I went to a small beer tasting for my birthday where I had Koningshoeven's Dubbel.  It may be the best trappist ale there is, and considering the competition that is really saying something.  It's rich, light oh so flavor and lingers on the palette long after you've taken a sip.  I think it is now being called "La Trappe" in the States for reasons unknown to me.
A rather boring month all in all; not much to say.  It's still hot as hell.   


Maria said...

Ooh, I forgot about Magician Kings coming out in August. I would be a bit apprehensive though -- is it really possible to make a good sequel to The Magicians? Hm.... Maybe I'll wait for your review.

Chad Hull said...

We are of like minds. I have nothing but worry and concern for The Magician Kings. I didn't see room for a sequel at The Magicians end. I wonder how organic this story will as opposed to what my mind sees as capitalizing on sales of the first.

I am extremely apprehensive! Nonetheless, I've pre-ordered it, and I'm gonna start it as soon as it arrives.