Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Weight

It's happening and...  Déjà vu.  Giant books and my inability to get through them in a timely fashion.  I've been doing so well this year in getting through the door-stoppers plaguing my TBR shelves, but it's always a challenge.  

The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen is amazing; thus far.  I barely crested the half-way mark this morning, yet I feel like I've yet to make a dent.  It's an odd psychological issue I have with big books.  Even when I'm enjoying what I'm reading, the visual reinforcement of my page marker and all that remains until the end nearly crushes me.

It's okay.

I can do this!

I've been through the same territory with Middlesex and even managed to read other books in the same month.  Deep breaths.     

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Marion said...

Breathe in, now. . . breathe out. . . you're just hitting the wall. The wall is only in your mind. . . you can do this.