Saturday, April 30, 2011

George R.R. Martin and Trains

So I'm on the train going to work reading "Skin Trade" from Dreamsongs Volume II (I'm guessing "nocturne" is too over used as a title and with my musical background I think the word should be reserved for Chopin).  I come to a page break and put my book away as I'm getting off at the next stop.  I notice the college aged looking kid across from me is reading something from "A Song of Ice and Fire" (which ever book has the red cover), a forty something-ish woman further back is reading Armageddon Rag and as I'm stepping off the train I see a lady coming on with Fevre Dream in her hands.  It would seem Time Magazine had a point in naming Martin influential.  At the least, he was extraordinarily popular yesterday at this particular place and time.

Unrelated to trains or Martin,  I just got my copy of Michael Swanwick's Dancing with Bears from the mailbox!  You should be jealous.  


Marion said...

Great Vignette! Is "Skin Trade" the werewolf one? I think I read it years ago.

Chad Hull said...


You are correct with "Skin Trade." There was a lot I didn't see coming with that story. So far it's my favorite in the collection.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mike The Pike Productions, has the rights to that for a movie! I own stock in MIKP !