Saturday, March 26, 2011


So I went to a used book store sales event.  Buy two get one free your store points still apply.  I'm not sure how they make any money or if they only want to move inventory.  There were a ton of people there; okay not a ton, but a lot.  More than the people and the books that I was surrounded by, the music caught me off guard.

It was either satellite radio's 'Acid Trip' station or the Joker's playlist.  I couldn't make this up: two songs of Vegas era Elvis, Santana's Soul Sacrifice, Brahm's Symphony in F the third movement, and a live version of In memory of Elizabeth Reed that I hadn't heard before.  I'd call it bizarre but even that word fails to capture the scene.

The store's about 12,000 square feet and it was full of people.  So full, I didn't feel comfortable shopping in the frenzy and left after the above 'playlist' was over.  Three books was all I was able to score with all the distractions.  Dancing Girls and Other Stories, and Bluebeard's Egg by Margaret Atwood, and Blood and Iron by Elizabeth Bear.        

I'm greatly looking forward to all three as well as tracking down this unknown-to-me Allman Brothers recording.

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Marion said...

The Joker's Playlist! That's priceless. I think the store wanted to move some inventory--and possibly create some buzz, and it looks like they succeeded.