Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Binding Quandary

My copy--a first edition hardback--of Jerusalem Poker has fallen apart: page by page. Something with the storage of this book, I bought it used, went horribly wrong. I don't think the book was ever opened before I read it, however the glue that held the pages to the spine went dry and yellow long ago… and shattered into many little pieces.

Ever since I started my monthly book review concerning manufacturing, I have had an interest in binding my own books. I still do, but now realize that I'd never bind enough to justify the cost that it would take to get into such a hobby. But that doesn't help me right now.

I still have a copy of an out of print novel; perhaps the finest novel my eyes have come across (review of the novel and the series forthcoming) in four-hundred and five leaves plus the cover. Needless to say, I'll buy another copy for posterity, but I'd love to have this one re-bound 'a la' Easton Press and truly make it, "mine."

Quite a conundrum I should say.


Marion said...

Chad--an art store in my area offered a journal-making class and a bookbinding class. The cost of materials was not prohibitive. Maybe you could find something like that for one book?

Chad Hull said...

That's a good idea; I'll look into it. I want to say I've seen art stores offering such classes.