Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In defense of Flavored Rum

I haven't, and will not, include flavored rums in my reviews, but my heart did soften in their favor this weekend: a perfect Mai Tai; well, who are we kidding it was more than one.

A jigger of Malibu, a jigger of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, and a third jigger of whatever rum the house has on the rail. An equal quantity worth of homemade sour mix. (This is the key ingredient; store bought stuff taste gritty and terrible and only contributes heartburn to a drink.) Grenadine for color and flavor, its so heavy it sinks straight to the bottom, and a gently poured jigger of Meyer's Original Dark Rum on top.

It possessed all the colors of the rainbow and tasted fruitier still, but it was so expertly made and to the tune of only four dollars… hate all you want; I'll gladly drink another. This was an invention of an exceptionally good bartender and not the combination of exceptionally well made liquors.

Ever since Hangar One started infusing their vodka the right way, without sacrificing flavor, percentage volume alcohol or quality in an facet, I really have no time for flavored booze of any sort done to a lesser extent than the miracle workers at Saint George Distillery.

But damn, crappy flavored rum and all; that Mai Tai was tasty.

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