Sunday, December 20, 2009

The greatest idea ever

How cool would this be?

An itunes-esque store for short stories would make me very happy. Countless collections come out and I can't afford them all and there are usually only a handful of stories in each that I would really want to add to my 'permanent collection.' I'm still not a fan of the e-readers I've gotten my hands on but if I could buy a single story from a collection, much like a single song from a CD, then I'd be hard pressed to not ask Santa for a Kindle.

The idea is fraught with problems. Least of which include, 'how do authors get paid,' and 'will there be exclusivity among the different brands of e-readers? ' (Which would be an instant deal killer for me, because I wouldn't buy more than one device just to ensure I could read all the materials I wanted).

Still how badass would it be to type in "Michael Swanwick" in the itunes store and get a catalogue of his short stories for purchase?

Some one who does stuff like this, please hurry up and make it happen.


Joe said...

The rights for that would be absolutely crazy, but...


Swanwick only has three stories (and a full anthology he was included in), but Mike Resnick has more than 100.

It's the closest thing we have to iTunes for fiction.

Chad Hull said...

I'm so dumb. It took me a moment to figure out what you were talking about, until I googled 'fictionwise.'

Thanks for the tip. I'll be snooping around there for days to come.