Monday, August 18, 2008

Politics and Prose

The closer it comes to election time the more uninterested with the current state of affairs I become.  But not with President Bush, he has long since become white noise that I can tune out.  I find it odd that the world is coming closer and closer to a universally acknowledged party that is the final ousting of President Bush and I couldn’t care less about who takes his place.

Part of it is the machinations of American politics in general.  We, the voting people, have been inundated with candidates since January, and some even a little longer.  As election day approaches, the more news we are hit over the head with concerning our two front runners.  Obama doesn’t where an American flag on the lapel of his suit and that’s a headline?  McCain is really really old; end of story.  It seems to me that when the press has nothing worthy to write about they have no problems at all making a story out of one that isn’t there. 

I don’t mean to sound too detached but every time one of them steps outside for a walk, goes to dinner with a personal friend, or breaks wind before a press conference doesn’t constitute a story.  More so, every time they hold a press conference talking about their policy or the current issues that affect and will effect the country doesn’t constitute a story either.  

Have they said anything different lately or are a lot of the same issues being repeated in the media to take up time before the commercial?  When McCain falls downs down due to dotage, as it seems the elderly are prone to do, or Obama remembers exactly how black he is by doing the running man at the DNC, starts popping and locking in the middle of his speech only to do the Soldier Boy off the stage, then you have a story to write.  As things stand people who follow politics know these guys as well as you can reasonably expect to know any politician, or so it seems to me.

I don’t even think John Edward's drama is news.  He hasn’t held a public office since 2004, and is nothing more than a wealthy, cheating, middle-aged lawyer; read the first part of that sentence again, I’ll wait…  Are you really surprised?  I think the decline in press he has been receiving in a mere weak only solidifies his status as “B” list celebrity.  

Personally, I’m more interested in those two business minded rednecks from Georgia that discovered Bigfoot, or shall I say Bigfeet.  Them boys ‘ave a plan, and man are they working the system and getting paid doing it.   

You can believe the story the press writes, but you've probably read it before--and with all respect to the title of my blog--other people's reality is kinda blah for me right now.  

Yours truly in political apathy,

Chad Hull 

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